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E-commerce is a thriving sector, offering boundless opportunities for growth and innovation. However, the intense competition for top talents makes hiring a significant challenge. At INA RPO, we have carefully analyzed the most sought-after positions in the e-commerce industry to help you identify the key areas where exceptional professionals are in high demand.

Software Engineering:

Software engineers play a pivotal role in the e-commerce industry, accounting for over 30 percent of job openings. Their expertise is indispensable as online businesses heavily rely on robust software solutions to function efficiently.

Customer Care and Success:

E-commerce success hinges on exceptional customer care and success teams, occupying a significant portion of job openings. Their pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty makes them invaluable assets.

Information Technology:

The ever-evolving technology landscape requires a skilled IT workforce, making up a substantial share of e-commerce job opportunities. IT professionals ensure seamless website functionality and overall digital operations.


E-commerce's 24/7 nature demands a well-organized operations team. Nearly 12-16 percent of job openings are dedicated to managing logistics, ensuring timely product deliveries, and efficient order fulfillment.


With 10-15 percent of open positions, marketing professionals wield significant influence in the e-commerce realm. Their strategies drive product visibility and attract a steady stream of new customers.

Data and Analytics:

The importance of data and analytics is surging in the e-commerce industry, with over ten percent of job opportunities dedicated to this field. Data experts empower businesses to make informed decisions and optimize performance.


Design and UX experts, making up around ten percent of e-commerce roles, ensure visually appealing and user-friendly websites. Their contributions enhance the overall customer experience and boost conversion rates.

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Roles We Recently Filled

INA RPO's success in e-commerce recruitment is evident in the placement of numerous consultants for our esteemed clients. Here are a few examples of recently filled roles.

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