Welcome to INA RPO - Your Trusted Partner for BFSI Talent Acquisition

Are you in search of the best banking, insurance, and financial professionals for your organization? Look no further! At INA RPO, we specialize in providing strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions for the BFSI sector. The term 'BFSI' refers to Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance - essential pillars that form the foundation of any country's economy. As the driving force behind sales and customer relations, these industries heavily rely on experts with similar backgrounds to succeed.

Why Choose INA RPO for BFSI Talent Acquisition?

Specialized Expertise:

Our team at INA RPO boasts extensive experience in the banking industry, making us the ideal partner to fill designated roles with professionals who possess rich domain knowledge.

Top Talent from Renowned Institutes:

Leveraging our strong network, we have access to top talent from reputed B-schools and esteemed financial institutes in India and abroad, ready to take charge of your organization's BFSI needs.

Tailored Hiring Solutions:

Whether you have expansion plans or are setting up a financial business, we offer tailored talent acquisition services to meet your specific requirements within the stipulated time frame.

Proactive Approach:

Our proactive approach enables us to analyze the market thoroughly and identify the right professionals who will be an excellent fit for your organization.

Reliable Services:

INA RPO is a leading name in the industry, renowned for providing reliable and efficient services to our clients, ensuring a long-term and fruitful association.

Discover a Diverse Range of Industries:

In addition to BFSI, INA RPO caters to various industries, including Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Retail, E-Commerce, Hospitality, Finance and Accounting, Automobile, and Manufacturing. Our expertise spans across diverse sectors, making us your go-to partner for all your recruitment needs.

Recent Roles We've Filled

We have been successful in placing many consultants in BFSI industry for our clients. Below are few of many examples.